Rebuild Air Supension and Remanufactured Air Struts

Remanufactured Air Struts and Compressors for Air Suspension

Smatic Ltd is the biggest Air Suspension remanufacturing company in Bulgaria and maybe the biggest in Eastern Europe.

Mercedes, Audi, BMW, VW, Land Rover, Porsche and so on.

Car air suspension springs and air stuts are more comfortable, but they need to be replaced every 4-5 years, the rubber sleeves get old. More cars with air springs have ADS struts and they can be remanufacture in our own factory too. All Air Suspension Parts are trested according to the specifications of the vehicle. We have OWN auto repair shop and we install the our products. We are the only one company  in EU for remanufactured air suspension products whith
– Shop
– Car repair workshop
– Remanufactured factory

Remanufactured Air Suspension and Struts

High level class car or SUV there is level air suspension and remanufacturing is the most cost-effective option in this situation. In 90% of cases the air spring and air struts are one item and if you want to buy a new one – you have to buy the set. The price is high and you can rebuild only air spring ot air strut. You have to make a choise.
You don`t have to buy the whole item, you will remanufacture when the problem is in:

  • Air springs
  • Air Struts
  • Compressors, valves and so on

Factory Car suspension  uses air suspension compressors and struts.
In the pressure system there is valve block after the compressor. It can`t be rebuild. The cars and SUV –  Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, Toyota, JEEP and so on has air Suspension ECU and level sensors. You have to use specialized diagnostic to understand where is the problem. SMATIC there is a car repair workshop in Bulgaria.


Parner program with Autoservice in Europe

Air suspension service

Smatic Ltd. have own air suspension factory in Bulgaria and we search partners in whole Europe. You can send to us yours shocks. We will check them and we will send back to you.


Air Suspension Remanufacture

Rebuild air suspension

Smatic Ltd has own factory for remanufacturing.
We repair every item in our factory as we use materials from whole world – rubber sleeves, valves, piston rods, dust covers an so on.

We buy used air springs and air struts

We buy cores for air suspension

Write us email with models and we will tell you how much money we are ready to give you about your used broken items.