Air suspension Porsche Cayenne

Remanufacture / Rebuild of air suspension for Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne 9PA (2003-2010)Price
Rebuild Front air spring180EUR
Rebuild Rear air spring180EUR
Air Supension Compressor rebuild90EUR
NEW compressor WABCO 440EUR
Remanufacture air struts front/rear175EUR
New Pressure Valve for air spring 30EUR
Porsche Cayenne 92A (2011-)Pret
Rebuild Front air spring230EUR
Rebuild Rear air spring230EUR
Remanufacture air suspension Compressor130EUR
NEW compressor Continental 770EUR
Rebuild air struts front/rear250EUR
Filling the system with Nitrogen 5r50EUR
  • 10% discount, if you rebuild 2 or more air springs.
  • The relay is included in the new compressors.

  • Smatic gives:

    24 months warranty for air springs

    12 months warranty for air struts

    6 months warranty for compressors