DUNLOP Front left air spring for VW Touareg

DUNLOP Front left air spring for VW Touareg


We made the air spring, because we made air suspension more than 10year. We have experience and we can give real warranty – 3 years. The name – DUNLOP is warranty.

The air spring doesn`t have residual pressure valve, because it can defect.

Replace OE numbers:
95535840331 ; 95535840321
95535840330 ; 95535840300
95535840320 ; 95535840310
7L8616403B ; 7L6616403B
7L8616403A ; 7L8616403
7L6616403A ; 7L6616403
7L5616403E ; 7L5616403B


DUNLOP Front LEFT air spring for VW Touareg 2002-2010.
Made in Europe.
Unique design.
No copy of the original. Only chinese copy. It is illegal.


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