DUNLOP Front Right air spring for Audi Q7

DUNLOP Front Right air spring for Audi Q7


NEW DUNLOP Front RIGHT air spring for Audi Q7 2006-2015.

36 months warranty


Our new DUNLOP air spring is patented and it have new technology.
It have not aluminium cover, dust cover and residual pressure valve. The rubber thickness is bigger than the original. There is no pressure valve, because sometimes it block and your car can not go down to position dynamic. If it happed you have mistake on dashboard – yellow car. We decide this problem in out air spring.

Replace OE numbers:
95535840431 ; 95535840421
95535840430 ; 95535840400
95535840420 ; 95535840410
7L8616404B ; 7L6616404B
7L8616404A ; 7L8616404
7L6616404A ; 7L6614604
7L5616404E ; 7L5616404B
7L5616404 ; 7L6616040D
7L8 616 404 ; 7L6 616 040 D
7L6 616 040 E


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