NEW DUNLOP rear air spring for VW Touareg

NEW DUNLOP rear air spring for VW Touareg


Dunlop air spring is universal LEFT/RIGHT with 36months warranty.

We use new technology in top mount. There is no residual pressure valve which can defect. You install the air spring and connect the air pipe directly.

Replace OE numbers:
95535850332 ; 95535850322
95535850331 ; 95535850321
95535850330 ; 95535850300
95535850310 ; 95535850320
7L6616503B ; 7L8616503B
7L6616503A ; 7L6616503
4L0616503 ; 7L5616503F
7L8 616 503 B ; 7L6 616 503 B
7L5 616 503 F


Patented design. NEW Dunlop air spring for VW Touareg 2002-2010.
Improved technology and easier replacement.  The thikness of rubber is bigger and our air spring doesn`t need from aluminium cover.


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