Range Rover Vogue Sport

Range Rover Vogue Sport L322 /L320 / L405

Range Rover Vogue Suspension L322 Price
Remanufacturing of front air spring 200€
Remanufacturing of rear air spring 130€
New Front Shock/only strut/Dunlop 180€
New Front assembly shock/AIR SPRING + STRUT/ Dunlop 420€
New Front air spring Dunlop 300€
Range Rover Sport Suspension L320 (2004-2013) Price
NEW Front / Rear air spring 280€
NEW Compressor AMK 480€
New Front / Rear Shock/only strut/ Dunlop 180€
New Front assembly shock /AIR SPRING + STRUT/ Dunlop 390€
  • When ordering two or more air springs are charged 10 % discount

  • Prices are valid when return the old item
    First you have to send yours and we rebuilt it.

  • 24 months warranty for air springs

    12 months warranty for air struts

    6 months warranty for compressors