Replacing rear air spring for Mercedes Eclass / CLS


We are from and we have a big experience in replacing rear air springs for Mercedes Eclass W211/ W212 and Mercedes CLS  W219/ W218. We are remanufacturing company for air springs and we are specialized autoservice in air suspension located in Europe/Bulgaria.

In this video we will show how to remove and install rear air spring with 4corner suspension /the procedure is the same for non airmatic – Mercedes Eclass Wagon/ . We decide to make this video, because we receive questions from clients or colleagues – How to install correctly the air spring without Star Diag or any other special tools. If you don`t install it correctly, it will incline and the rubber sleeves will tear for maximum 2days. Too bad.  In our clip you will see how to remove the air spring and after that to install the new one.  You will understand how to unwind the bolt, nut , control arms and how to tighten them finally.

In situation when rear air spring leaking,  after 10-15minutes it wouldn`t have air in it. First you have to remove air lines and electrical connectors. If there is an air in the air spring, you have to remove air pipe to reservoir /4corner air suspension/ If the car is with only 2 rear air springs without airmatic you have to activate solenoid in the air spring cap. You have to use wires and connect them to solenoid to open the valve and deflate the pressure.  See the pictures and videos  for some ideas–4


The method  for replacement is the same for Mercedes Eclass W212 /  CLS W218 even more easy. In these models  the down side of the air spring is in the control arms without bolts and nuts. If there is a problem to remove it from the control arm /very often/, you can use rubber hammer. Upper side is the same as Mercedes W211/W219. See pictures /taken from

When install the air springs without special tools be carefull to put upper part in the center and put white pinch in the air spring. The down part in Mercedes W211/W219 get in the control arm, but doesn`t tighten the nut. See the video and you will see when to tighten it – in the end of procedure.

We hope to be usefull for you to learn how to replace rear spring for Mercedes Eclass W211/ W212 and CLS W219/ W218


Smatic Team